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Fix the Stress of Traffic

UrbanEngines 1 review

Understand how residients are using transit services, and how those systems are performing. Urban Engines’ cloud-based solution gives you unprecedented visibility into transit system performance and commuter flows to help make your planning and operations decisions better and easier.

Used in at least 3 cities

Remix 3 reviews

Allow city transit planners to see the cost and demographic and fiscal impact of proposed route changes. Remix helps you plan great transit. Design routes in any city and immediately understand the cost and demographic impact of a proposed change. Automatically pull in your region's existing transit networks to quickly evaluate different alternatives. When you're done, export to Excel, shapefile, KML, or GTFS. Everything runs in your browser, and integrates with the tools you already have. Transit trade-offs are often invisible and hard to explain. Remix empowers your planning team to visualize ideas in a way that anyone can understand and support. See who is affected by a change and ensure service equity by overlaying demographic data. Show how far riders can travel on your network using isochrones. Engage your community with our built-in public feedback platform.

Used in at least 8 cities


Transit fleet management application. TransLoc Rider Best-of-breed transit mobile solution TransLoc RealTime Intuitive control center for any size agency TransLoc Traveler Your connection to your riders TransLoc OnDemand Responsive transit made simple

Used in at least 6 cities

Bishop peak technology
Bishop Peak Technology 1 review

Transit mobile applications, telematics and data analytics platform. The Bishop Peak Technology platform enables private organizations and municipal transit agencies to rapidly deploy real-time vehicle tracking information, route schedules, and dispatch services to their users via mobile apps. The platform can deliver a completely branded solution in a matter of hours, automatically integrating with the user’s existing vehicle tracking hardware.

Used in at least 7 cities

Engage Your Citizens

WiredBlue 8 reviews

Allow law enforcement to connect with their communities and let residents communicate with them securely. Our platforms reside in a secure hardened network, with redundant firewalls, Multi-level IPS, Intrusion detection system, Application protection, and much more.While nothing is 100% hack-proof, our goal is to implement the best security available. WiredBlue has partnered with the leading provider of premium secure and high speed hosting. We work with the best engineers to provide a great environment. We strive to make sure our services perform to the highest standards for you. We provide the best support by email, phone and our support portal to every customer. You don’t have to pay extra for us to help you. We are known to go above and beyond with our response and assistance. We build native iPhone & Android apps. This means more options and speed. (Facebook just went native) Our high-end content delivery network(CDN) facilitates globally load balanced distribution of current & future applications. 100% Network Uptime, 100% Infrastructure Uptime, Multiple Location Data Centers.

Used in at least 10 cities

Aunt bertha
Aunt Bertha

Help people find social services and education programs in their neighborhood by zip code. From food pantries to clothes for work, the Aunt Bertha program database provides instant access to comprehensive, localized listings. It makes finding programs a more efficient, effective process for your staff and those you serve. Free your organization from the demands of printing hard copies, requiring in-person applications, and managing cumbersome stacks of paper. From applications to program referrals, process them faster and track their progress effortlessly with our digital platform. Develop data-driven strategies and take the guesswork out of analytics. Our search reporting gives your organization ready access to the “who,” “what,” and “where” so you can get to the “why” faster. With a more complete picture of community needs, your organization can make smarter decisions.

Used in at least 2 cities


Track and understand what is happening in communities through data visualization and storytelling tools. Everyone has a story. Not everyone has the data to back it up. DataMade specializes in creating compelling, data-driven narratives and exploration tools. DataMade has over a decade of experience in research and discovery, creating online maps, visualizations and APIs, and performing data analysis and modeling to make your data tell a compelling story.

Used in at least 2 cities


Help communities improve civic decision-making by using digital tools to bring people into the deliberative process. Our mission is to strengthen the democratic process by making it easier for people to get involved and implement solutions that improve their communities. We offer a free crowd-sourcing platform hosted on, tablet based polling and survey research, and media based online polling.

Used in at least 3 cities


Curated opportunities for direct individual investments in public projects and civic infrastructures. Invest in your city. Your local school district needs $10 million to build a new school. Investors like you loan the district money for the five years the construction will take. Every year, you earn interest on the loan, and after five years, the district pays back your investment. Reconnect with your city. Whether you're a community member who wants to invest in the infrastructure you depend on, or a public finance professional who wants to connect with a new generation of investors, Neighborly is here to help.